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Floor 4, Block B, Indochina Park Tower, 04 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, DaKao, District 1. HCMC

Tel: (+84) 08.39311331




Green Network Solutions Company Limited

GreenNet was established in 2011, is a only Juniper traning center in HCMC, based on Juniper & Cisco standard cources. With the senior faculty and network engineers who had CCIE and JNCIE certificate, GreenNet is confidented that can provide a sustained, intensive, reality network knowlegne platform. With the model and fully Juniper Lab system, Greenet is not only bring the platform knowledge but also pratise on the model Juniper.

Nowaday, with the Internet rabbit growth, growth of the telecommunications market to 70% in the past years, GreenNet are also quickly intergrated in to a new competitive by being a network equipment distributor such as Switch, Wifi, Voice IP in Viet Nam of leading brands Aerohive, Enterasys, Shoretel. With the team of high experiences engineers about consultant, design, deployment and support solution for big and complex network system, ensures brings for all customers satisfashion as well as an advanced, model and most efficient network system.


Green Network Solutions Company Limited is orientating become a leading International Technology company in general and network system in particular in Viet Nam. The company’s goal is consultant solution, installation products for Network system, authorized dealer about network equipment system.


Main duty of GreenNet is bring to all customers one comprehensive solution for Swith, Wifi, Voice IP, ensuring a seamless network system as well as unified communication features to increase the avaibility of information system, to ensure the smooth efficiency working, management priority for many offices and branchs, bringing operational capacity for production work as well as the business of customer, increase profits.


  • GreenNet is always conception its final destination is most effective for customer
  • GreenNet is always try harder working with the highest responsibility, high team spirit, the demand for completed solutions than ever before, bringing a model information technology system that makes increase efficiency of business operations based information technology platform
  • Always respect and honesty with customer, main customer benefits are also GreenNet benefits. With the principle of operation throughout what the customer needs is the goal of striving to improve the company staff.


  • Customer is the most important 
  • Always ensure bringing highest quality and constantly improve them 
  • Listen to your customer for buiding a most complete system and adhenrence to target customer 
  • Dynamic, creative and always sharing knowledges together to builting a strong GreenNet