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Công ty TNHH Giải Pháp Mạng Xanh
Lầu 4, Khu B. Tòa nhà Indochina Park, 04 Nguyễn Đình Chiểu, ĐaKao Q.1, TP.HCM
Điện thoại: (+84) 08.39311331
Email: support@greennet.vn

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Giải pháp Enterasys

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Higher Education has some of the highest demand for Bring Your Own Device, but also faces the greatest risks and challenges in implementing it. Faculty, staff, students, and parents all demand permission to bring and use personal wireless devices on campus. The typical college student today has between two and five personal devices, including smartphone, music player, pc, tablet, and portable game console. In the face of this device invasion, the valuable campus network resources and data must be protected...

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Doctors are bringing mobile devices to the workplace at an alarming pace and are seeking to use them in patient care. Unrestricted usage could jeopardize private patient information as well as place an unacceptable burden on the network and IT resources. Similarly, both patients and guests request to use their personal wireless devices while they are in the hospital. All of these devices potentially share a network environment with critical hospital wired and wireless devices including location tracking systems, telemetry,...

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Ready access to high performance Wi-Fi has become a necessary part of today’s digital lifestyle. Enterasys lets you leverage this important trend to create a significant new revenue stream for your property or venue. Fast, secure, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity, combined with an innovative media-rich publishing platform makes this possible.  Enhancing The Guest Experience – Mobility Done Right Sporting Venues and Convention Centers

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1. State & Local Goverment Network Providing Standards-based Manageability, Compliance and Security The business of state and local government is changing. State and local government organizations around the globe are being challenged to improve efficiency, increase services and reduce costs. Today’s government employees work for many different agencies, are geographically dispersed and require seamless 24-7 access to secure, up-to-date intelligence. The network infrastructure is the critical backbone connecting users to the required IT resources and enabling instant sharing of information....

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