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Công ty TNHH Giải Pháp Mạng Xanh
Lầu 4, Khu B. Tòa nhà Indochina Park, 04 Nguyễn Đình Chiểu, ĐaKao Q.1, TP.HCM
Điện thoại: (+84) 08.39311331
Email: support@greennet.vn

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Ready access to high performance Wi-Fi has become a necessary part of today’s digital lifestyle. Enterasys lets you leverage this important trend to create a significant new revenue stream for your property or venue. Fast, secure, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity, combined with an innovative media-rich publishing platform makes this possible. 

Enhancing The Guest Experience – Mobility Done Right

Sporting Venues and Convention Centers

The Enterasys Wi-Fi network solution generates advertising-based revenue through location-relevant information and marketing messages delivered to the mobile devices of your fans in an engaging, non-intrusive, content-controlled environment. The network provides fans with high quality, fast, and reliable Wi-Fi access to the Internet, so they can watch videos, check scores, listen to music, or just surf the Web from their mobile device.

Demand for Wi-Fi network access at sporting venues is growing exponentially. But most venues have been unable to provide the network capacity necessary to adequately service their guests. Today’s sport fans are craving ever-greater access to venue- and event-specific content. Traditionally, patrons have been forced to use their 3G/4G cellular service, if available, for Internet access. As the number of smartphones and mobile devices has exploded, access to higher speed, highly available networking is demanded. The Enterasys Wi-Fi solution is a perfect solution that both satisfies the demand for data access and provides a new revenue stream for your venue.