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Đơn vị nhà nước, chính phủ


1. State & Local Goverment Network

Providing Standards-based Manageability, Compliance and Security

The business of state and local government is changing. State and local government organizations around the globe are being challenged to improve efficiency, increase services and reduce costs. Today’s government employees work for many different agencies, are geographically dispersed and require seamless 24-7 access to secure, up-to-date intelligence. The network infrastructure is the critical backbone connecting users to the required IT resources and enabling instant sharing of information. This increasing reliance on network connected resources comes at a time of heightened security concerns. Compliance mandates require agencies to protect data and resources from unauthorized access or modification.

To meet these challenges the network must go beyond basic high speed connectivity. It must be interoperable, scalable, easily managed and highly secure. Critical services and real time applications need to be correctly prioritized. The network needs to provide the users from each department and agency with access to required resources and data while protecting the data and resources from unauthorized users in other departments.

With embedded intelligence that can be fine-tuned to the specific needs of the public sector, Enterasys networking solutions are leveraged by State and Local Government Agencies to:

  • Ensure the availability of both wired and wireless networking services
  • Prioritize critical services and applications
  • Enforce role-based access control to protect data confidentiality and preserve data integrity
  • Protect existing investments with standards-based interoperability
  • Provide the security and reporting tools required to meet compliance mandates

2. Federal Goverment Netwok

Enabling Government in the Digital Age

Government agencies are being challenged to provide their employees and the citizens they serve with cost effective, high-speed access to online information and resources. For today’s agencies, high quality video, collaboration, social media, VoIP, and multimedia applications have become mission critical services. These applications have placed unprecedented bandwidth and control demands on existing networks. The increasingly rapid deployment of wireless access, datacenter virtualization, and the mandated adoption of Cloud Computing have further complicated network management and control. For federal government agencies, the challenge is determining how to deliver seamless, always-on access to these mission critical services across both the wired and wireless edges of the network. Agencies need to deliver access from laptops, tablets, smartphones and other types of devices, at any time, from any place and from anywhere, while at the same time maximizing efficiencies and cost savings across all areas of the network infrastructure.

Enterasys provides a rich set of networking solutions that allow federal government agencies to meet not only today’s needs, but also to be prepared for future demands. Enterasys OneFabric is one network environment delivering one network experience to users, regardless of how they connect to the network.

By offering “single-pane-of-glass” management, OneFabric provides agency IT departments with the tools they need for predictive end-to-end visibility that ensures application delivery and performance. With Enterasys OneFabric, agencies are able to collapse their wired and wireless edge, distribution and core networks, and their data centers into one centrally-managed fabric for increased network visibility, security and reliability, and provide better mission critical application performance.


Enterasys maintains an active product certification and evaluation program for government customers to ensure that the products they use will perform as expected and work with existing infrastructure.

There are several certification standards and organizations including:

Department of Defense

UC APL certification is required for all Department of Defense (DoD) agencies to deploy voice solutions that connect to the Defense Switch Network (DSN).

We are UC-APL certified for the following product lines: Enterasys S-Series and K-Series modular switching lines, as well as the C-Series stackable switches.

Common Criteria

Common Criteria is an internationally recognized methodology for security evaluation and certification that is sanctioned by the International Standards Organization (ISO).

Enterasys Network Access Control (also known as NetSight) and Enterasys Intrusion Prevention System(also known as Dragon) are certified under Common Criteria as having federal certifications.

IPv6 Ready

U.S. Government IPv6 (USGv6) Profile and subsequent testing program resulted from the directive to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to develop the technical infrastructure necessary to support wide scale adoption of IPv6 in the US Government (USG).

The Enterasys S-Series and K-Series switch/routers have achieved IPv6 certification under both International (IPv6 Ready Logo) and U.S. Government (USGv6) programs. The Department of Defense, federal agencies, and civilian IT installations will be able to confidently deploy Enterasys’ flow-based switches and OneFabric architecture knowing they will comply with acquisition regulations, meet IPv6 adoption directives and allow the network to transition securely to IPv6.

FIPS 140

FIPS 140 ensures proper implementation of cryptographic algorithms and handling of cryptographic keys.

Enterasys is pursuing UC, Common Criteria and FIPS certifications for the Enterasys Wireless product line, which would allow DoD organizations to take advantage of the benefits of a unified management experience across a wired and wireless Enterasys infrastructure without having to sacrifice security or functionality.