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Lầu 4, Khu B. Tòa nhà Indochina Park, 04 Nguyễn Đình Chiểu, ĐaKao Q.1, TP.HCM
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Aerohive Retail Analytics Solution Brief

The Aerohive Retail Analytics solution leverages Euclid Analytics’ analysis technology and Aerohive’s Cloud Services Platform to enable offline retailers to optimize and improve their business with metrics and insights only previously available to online retailers. Retailers can now understand an array of metrics about customer behavior and begin to tie that behavior to purchasing habits to optimize their business operations without adding anything beyond their standard in-store Wi-Fi infrastructure.

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Client Health Score Solution Brief

As your Wi-Fi deployment grows, day-to-day management can become more and more challenging. In this solution brief we’ll provide an overview of Aerohive’s new Client Health Score feature which cuts through volumes of data to show you the overall health of clients in an “at-a-glance” format, then enables you to drill down if you see a specific problem. We’ll look at the statistics compiled to generate the Client Health Score’s simple “green/yellow/red” view, and discuss the use of the Client...

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SB1102006_mobile_internet_devices-1 (1)
Delivering Secure Guest Access and Mobile Internet Device (MID) Management with HiveOS 4.0

In addition to corporate given laptops, employees are bringing their own devices to work these days – iPhones, Droids, iPads — you name it; they are bringing it in. And they are expecting you to help them access the corporate Wi-Fi network with their own devices.

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HiveManager Client Management Solution Brief

People want to work anywhere, on any device, and IT needs to enable them without drowning in complexity or compromising on security, performance, reliability, or cost. Aerohive delivers a cloudenabled and comprehensive solution to deploy, configure, monitor, and control clients in a mobile first enterprise. Client management provides a single workflow and management interface to aid companies in supporting BYOD and corporate-issued devices on their networks, and helps transform the network into a platform for mobility.

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HiveManager Online Solution Brief

HiveManager Online is the first cloud-based, enterprise-class Wi-Fi management solution and is a breakthrough in management simplicity, flexibility, and redundancy. HiveManager Online gives financial control back to organizations by offering a linearly-scalable Wi-Fi infrastructure management platform with no up-front management costs. Combined with HiveAPs, it’s the simplest instantiation of enterprise Wi-Fi.

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ID Manager Leverage the Cloud to Simplify and Automate Enterprise Guest Management Solution Brief

Aerohive’s ID Manager is the first system to leverage the cloud to simplify and automate the deployment and maintenance of enterprise guest management. ID Manager combines industry-leading authentication integration with the deployment-tested Aerohive Cloud Services platform to eliminate the need for any additional hardware or software. 

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Mobility Optimized Access Layer Solution Brief

Aerohive provides comprehensive access solutions for the mobile-first enterprise. Built from the ground up for today’s challenges, Aerohive sets new standards for how to address the global trends that are impacting every organization with a unique and powerful combination of distributed networking intelligence and an industry leading, cloud services infrastructure. This allows Aerohive to deliver secure, mobility-optimized access to every site with consistent, predictable service and maximum security.

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Radio Resource Management in HiveOS Solution Brief

Radio conditions change rapidly, and responding to a constantly-shifting environment requires that a network have the agility to react quickly. In this paper learn how Aerohive’s cooperative control architecture was designed to enable distributed algorithms to support real-time processing, and this capability is used extensively within the radio management subsystem of HiveOS, the Aerohive operating system.

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Simpli-fi Point of Care Solution Brief

The Aerohive Simpli-Fi Solution is built on Wi-Fi mesh technology for access-point-to-access-point direct communication. With a fully distributed data forwarding and control plane architecture, Aerohive Simpli-Fi eliminates dependency on Wi-Fi controllers and remote WAN connections for superior performance. Caregivers and clinicians receive nonstop access to their critical applications and patient data.

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StudentManager & TeacherView: Giving Teachers Control of Wireless Computing in the Classroom Solution Brief

As 1:1 laptop programs become more common and as curricula allow students more access to computing and personalization of their computers, teachers have found themselves becoming both the first line of network support for their students and the content traffic cop, which draws them away from their central role as educators. This solution brief will describe Aerohive’s TeacherView application, which provides a very compelling tool to enable the network control teachers need to make 1:1 programs succeed.

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