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White Papers

802.11n Technology Whitepaper

In less than a decade, wireless LANs have evolved from a niche technology useable only by a few specialized applications to the default media of choice for millions of businesses and consumers. And WLANs continue to evolve. The latest generation of high-speed wireless LAN technology, based on the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Draft 802.11n standard, are now becoming available.

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A Practical Approach to Wireless 2.0 Whitepaper

Creating “Wi-Fi that works”, even with minimal requirements, is a tall order given the breadth of client and application types that must perform well over the wireless infrastructure, but when adding in the speed and complexity of 802.11n, a variety of demanding applications, high-density environments, and tricky deployment scenarios, controller-based vendors cannot live up to their promises of Ethernet-like determinism. This whitepaper defines what a Wireless 2.0 network is, and the importance of a controller-less architecture for performance, reliability, scalability,...

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Branch Router Buyer’s Guide: The definitive guide for evaluating branch networks

Learn how Aerohive Branch on Demand solutions makes it easier and more cost-effective to implement wired and wireless access to corporate resources everywhere—from the home office to branch offices and teleworkers.

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Building Secure Wireless LANs Whitepaper

Security of a wireless network still ranks as one of the largest concerns of IT professionals planning to roll out an enterprise wireless LAN. Today the security concerns of the legacy protocols have been largely eliminated and best practices for secure deployment have been developed allowing many wireless deployments to be arguably more secure than their wired counterparts.

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BYOD and Beyond: How To Turn BYOD into Productivity

One of the most overlooked aspects of the BYOD phenomenon isn’t just connecting the users to the network, but how to manage them once they’re there. Getting mobile and BYO devices onto the network is now table stakes. This white paper will take you through the necessary connectivity and productivity requirements in order to ensure your network is truly ready for the mobility explosion.

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Cloud Services Platform: Security and Availability Controls Whitepaper

Aerohive’s approach enables scalable, secure and reliable network applications by taking advantage of the Cloud while also preserving an unmatched level of flexibility often associated with on-premise solutions. Customers can still decide what to run, when to upgrade and comply with customer’s network operation policies.

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