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A-Katsastus Group

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WLAN Network Challenges

  • Provision wireless network for vehicle testing and inspection stations
  • Support access to ERP and diagnostic applications from handheld PDAs
  • Minimise maintenance and management overhead of distributed network

Aerohive Wi-Fi Solution Benefits

  • Controller-less Wi-Fi architecture enables unlimited scalability
  • Efficient and cost-effective deployment: APs pre-configured and shipped direct to station
  • HiveManager allows IT partner to remotely monitor and manage WLAN performance


Aerohive Drives A-Katsastus Operations In Sweden.

Headquartered in Finland, A-Katsastus is a provider of vehicle testing, inspection, certification and consulting services to consumers and businesses, helping to improve road safety and reduce harmful emissions across Northern Europe. A-Katsastus recently launched its operations in Sweden.

An ambitious growth strategy, coupled with operations in eight countries, demands a network infrastructure that is manageable, cost effective and high performance. This is especially important for the support and synchronization of the company’s business processes as well as applications critical to authorizing vehicle safety.

WLAN Network Challenges
IT manager, Ari Järvinen, is responsible for implementing the network infrastructure of A-Katsastus’ Swedish operations. A key component of its IT architecture is the provision of a wireless network (WLAN).

“At each station, we require a wireless network to support vehicle testing and inspection—employees use handheld PDAs from which they access the company’s ERP system and diagnostic applications,” explains Järvinen.

“PDAs give mechanics the mobility to move around the vehicle, which would be impossible with a desktop PC, and automates data input. This ensures A-Katsastus has access to accurate, real-time data across its business systems, helping to increase operational efficiency in our stations and improve the service for customers. To achieve this, a wireless network has to be of Ethernet quality.”

Whilst the resilience and performance of the WLAN is essential to A-Katsastus’ business processes, so too was the desire to deploy a network that would scale cost effectively and require little maintenance in the long-term.

Järvinen says; “To achieve growth targets, our IT infrastructure needs to be simple and quick to deploy. This helps to keep operational costs to a minimum and we can focus resources into opening stations on-demand, without technical delays.”

The Aerohive Wi-Fi Solution
Working with long-term IT partner, Ymon Oy, Järvinen evaluated a number of WLAN vendors to compare controller versus controller-less solutions. Taking into account the challenges of scaling the WLAN in line with A-Katsastus’ planned growth whilst minimising the cost of implementation and operation, Järvinen selected Aerohive’s solution.

“Aerohive’s controller-less solution offers a more streamlined, lean approach to wireless architecture compared to controller-based competitors. Following an initial demonstration of the technology and further pilot installation at a station in Finland, it was immediately obvious that we could keep costs down irrespective of how much the business grows, and still gain in terms of performance,” comments Järvinen.

The benefits of Aerohive’s solution would also extend to A-Katsastus’ IT partner, Ymon Oy, which manages and maintains the company’s WLAN. Mikko Koskinen, systems engineer, says, “Since we are responsible for managing the wireless network implemented, it is important to choose a technology that is easy to roll-out and maintain. The combination of Aerohive’s intuitive APs and simple management interface makes a compelling solution.”

Aerohive’s controller-less architecture minimizes the amount of hardware required at each station as well as the complexity of deployment. Ymon Oy can simply pre-configure and ship APs directly to the relevant station, using the nearest engineer to install. With no controller required, the scale of the WLAN is unlimited.

Aerohive’s HiveManager Network Management System (NMS), which is installed at A-Katsastus’ data center but accessed remotely by Ymon Oy, further simplifies operational maintenance.

“With HiveManager, the roll-out of A-Katsastus’ WLAN is further automated,” explains Koskinen. “The user interface analyzes and succinctly captures feedback on the performance of the whole network as well as individual stations, from which we can identify and resolve, remotely, any technical issues affecting network performance.

“Often, even before the user realizes there is a problem, we have already fixed it! Importantly, this means we can provide the best possible service to A-Katsastus.”

Benefits of an Aerohive WLAN Solution

Aerohive’s technology enables A-Katsastus to open new stations in-line with its expansion strategy, and be confident that its IT network will help facilitate the company’s revenue targets, as well as streamline customer-facing services.

Says Järvinen, “Knowing that our wireless network can scale without limits or hidden cost is reassuring. Wireless connectivity is essential to our company’s operations but ensuring its efficiency and performance helps contribute to our profitability.

“Similarly, our mechanics have the mobility to do their work faster, with the assurance that a vehicle inspection, for example, can be completed accurately and on-time. Better service equals loyal customers!”