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Decrease costs, optimize asset usage, and automate, to easily scale the business
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Capture new business, monetize new services, manage across private and public clouds

Our Solutions

We provide total solutions for cloud infrastructure including: Compute, storage, networking, security and management

Our Products

We provide the best of products for enterprise including: Private cloud, dedicated private cloud, backup and digital workspace

Our Services

We provide a complete set of services for cloud infrastructure including: Assess, design, deploy, managed and security service

ComputeStorageNetwork and SecurityManagement
VMware vSphere VMware vSANVMware NSXVMware vCloud Director
VMware vCenter ServerTraditional Storage3rd Party Integrated VMware vRealize Operations
Network and Security Appliance VMWare vCloud Availability
3rd Party Integrated



FeaturesvSAN StandardvSAN AdvancedvSAN Standard
w Enterprise Add-on
vSAN Advanced
w Enterprise Add-on
Storage Policy-Based Management****
Read/Write SSD Caching****
Distributed RAID****
vSphere Distributed Switch****
vSAN Snapshots and Clones****
Rack Awareness****
Replication (5min PRO)****
All-Flash Support****
Block Access (iSCSI)****
QoS-IOPS Limits****
Deduplication & Compression (All Flash Only)**
Erasure Coding (All Flash Only)**
Stretched Cluster and Nested Fault Domains**
Flash Class Encryption**




Load Balancing



Connectivity to Physical

Distributed switching and routing***
NSX Edge Firewall***
SW L2 Bridging to Physical environment***
Dynamic Routing with ECMP (Active-Active)***
Integration with vRealize and OpenStack***
NSX Edge Load Balancing***
VPN (IPSEC and SSL)***
Distributed Firewalling**
Active Directory Integrated Firewall**
Service Insertion (3rd party integration)**
Server Activity Monitoring**
Multi-Site NSX Optimizations*
Integration with HW VTEPs*
Remote Gateway (L2VPN)*

3rd Party Integrated

Network Security IntegrationsEnd Point IntegrationsApplication Integrations
Firewall / Next Generation FirewalAnti-VirusApplication Delivery Controllers
Intrusion Detection System / Intrusion Prevention SystemFile Integrity MonitoringWeb Application Firewall
Vulnerability ManagementMail Security Gateway


VMware vRealize Suite StandardVMware vRealize Suite AdvancedVMware vRealize Suite Enterprise
vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager
vRealize Log InsightvRealize Log InsightvRealize Log Insight
vRealize Operations StandardvRealize Operations AdvancedvRealize Operations Enterprise
vRealize Automation AdvancedvRealize Automation Enterprise

Accelerate time to market

Manage costs across clouds

Deploy apps to any cloud

Single operational model

Deliver interoperability

Ensure security

Virtual Private Cloud

Provide effective segmentation and isolation of tenant's assets and resources within the multi-tenant environment. Securely separating workloads of Customer at the application level

Dedicated Private Cloud

Transform your data center into a flexible cloud infrastructure with server virtualization and consolidation. Simplify Customer's data center with consistent management, intelligent operations, and built-in automation

Cloud ArchitectureVirtual Private CloudDedicated Private Cloud
Management ModelSP Partially Managed
End-Customer self-managed
End-customer self-managed
Tenant ArchitectureMulti-tenantSingle-Tenant
Platform ArchitectureSP Single Data Center
SP Multi-Data Center
Resource ModelSharedDedicated

Single Platform

JMP Platform

Great User Experience

Smart Policies

Complete Management

SDDC Integration

Flexible Delivery

FeaturesVMware Horizon
VMware Horizon
VMware Horizon
HorizonStandard BundleAdvanced BundleEnterprise Bundle
vSphere Desktop***
vCenter Desktop***
ThinApp (Packager, Client, Workstation)***
vSAN Advanced for Desktop**
Fusion Professional**
VMware App Volumes Enterprise and User Environment Manager*
VMware vRealize Operations for Horizon*

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